The challenge

Macmillan’s Longest Day Golf Challenge pits you and your team of superheroes against all manner of adversaries; whether it’s that devilish Par 3 or the fiendishly sloping green on the 8th.

You’ll need all your powers to overcome the 72 holes, 300 shots and 20 mile walk. Defeat them, and your legend is guaranteed.

Your super powers could win you a trip to a top European course – as well as helping to give power back to people affected by cancer.

Register your team of superheroes today

So get your ‘Fantastic Fore’ together and get ready to once again take on golf’s toughest challenge.

*The longest day of the year is Saturday 21 June 2014, but if you can’t play then, there’ll be enough daylight between now and August to power you through.

When – Saturday 21st June 2014 Where – United Kingdom