RocketBladez Tour Irons
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RocketBladez Tour Irons

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Only RocketBladez are powered by the Speed Pocket, the little thing that promoted radically increased speed and distance.  These irons are the true blend of the feel the pros demand and the explosive distance the amateurs crave.  The Speed Pocket.  If you don't have it, then you don't have it.


The Distance Iron is now on Tour.

  • Maximum speed and flight enhancement technology in the 3- through 7-iron: The Speed Pocket promotes consistently high ball speed and distance.
  • Consistent distance with every iron made possible by careful management of the Speed Pocket, improved inverted Cone shape and high MOI.
  • 11grams of weight is strategically redistributed to lower and center the CG location, promoting a higher launch angle, higher peak trajectory and a steep, soft-landing, quick-stopping descent angle.
  • Fantastic feel promoted by a specially formulated polyurethane developed by 3M that fills the Speed Pocket and quiets vibration.
  • Shaft: KBS Tour - X, S, R
  • Grip: Mens RBladez Tour Grip - Tour Velvet 51.5g
  • Shaft size .355 tip



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The First Tour Iron with Serious Technology.

RocketBladez Tour represents the first innovation in tour irons that significantly effects the quality of the ball flight to promote a dramatic improvement in iron play. The Speed Pocket works in conjunction with an improved Inverted Cone design to promote more ball speed, higher flight and significantly less speed loss on mis-hits low on the face.




“They look like a blade yet they're incredibly easy to launch high and long.  The dispersion and distance control is off the charts - you could cover the group of balls I hit with each club with a blanket.  A small blanket.”

- Sean O'Hair

“I've never been able to hit a tour iron so high or land it so soft.  That gives me a huge advantage that I've never had before with the middle and long irons.”

- Justin Rose


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