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TaylorMade Warranty Policy

Taylor Made Golf Ltd ("TM") offers consumers a comprehensive warranty, aligned with current European legislation. This Warranty operates through our Authorised Retailers in Europe and the key aspects of the Warranty are:

TaylorMade guarantees to the original consumer, the golf equipment (including golf clubs, accessories, and softgoods) which has been purchased from an authorised TaylorMade Retailer in Europe (the "Products"), to be in conformance with the applicable TaylorMade specifications for such products current at the time of manufacture for a term of two years from date of purchase of the Product(s) ("Warranty Term").

Whether purchased from a "bricks and mortar" retail outlet, or through the Internet, the consumer’s claim must be made through the retailer which supplied the goods and be accompanied by a proof of purchase identifying the date of purchase. The proof of purchase needs to accompany any goods returned under Warranty to TM for inspection.

During the Warranty Term, TM will, at its discretion and without extra charge, as the consumer’s exclusive remedy, repair or replace Product which does not conform to the applicable TM specifications; or failing this, reimburse the price of the Product but reduced to take into account the use the consumer has had of the Product since it was delivered. This Warranty will expire at the end of the Warranty Term.

This is the complete and exclusive warranty for a Product and in lieu of all other warranties, terms and conditions, whether express or implied.

This Warranty does not affect any statutory rights of the consumer, such as a warranty of satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose for which products of the same type are normally used under normal use nor any rights against the seller of the Products arising from your purchase and sales contract.

What Is Not Covered By The Warranty

This Warranty is not valid if the defects are due to damage, misuse, tampering, neglect or lack of care, or subsequent to alterations or repair carried out by unauthorised persons.

The following are examples of defects or damage not covered by this product Warranty but should not be considered as a complete list;

  1. 1. Defects or damage resulting from use of the Product in other than its normal and customary manner;
  2. 2. Defects or damage from misuse, accident or neglect;
  3. 3. Defects or damage from improper testing, operation, maintenance, adjustment, or any alteration or modification of any kind (other than carried out by TM);
  4. 4. Products disassembled or repaired other than by TM in such a manner as to adversely affect performance or prevent adequate inspection and testing to verify any warranty claim;
  5. 5. All surfaces and all other externally exposed parts that are scratched or damaged due to Authorised Retailer or customer normal use;
  6. 6. Products rented on a temporary basis;
  7. 7. Periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear.

Out of Warranty Repairs

If consumers request TM to repair a Product any time after the Warranty Term or where this Warranty does not apply due to the nature of the defect or fault, then TM may in its discretion carry out such repairs subject to the consumer paying TM its fees for such a repair or it may refer the consumer to an authorised third party to carry out such repairs.